Mozzarisella "io non posso & io non voglio"

illustration & animation
for Mozzarisella


Mozzarisella is a tasty aliment based on germinated whole rice made without milk and lactose and just with top quality vegetable ingredients, without OGM. Excellent either plain or to whisk starters or main courses. Ideal mixed in all the types of salads or just to give an original taste to pizza and snacks. A light and digestible alternative strongly recommended to people with lactose or gluten intolerance. The processing standards, in dedicated facilities, guarantee an absolute hygienic safety free from contaminations to the product. Mozzarisella is a fresh/pasteurized nutriment: its ingredients are natural and accepted by the European Regulation for Organic Agriculture which says no chemicals or synthetic molecules has to be used for its preparation.

Illustration and Animation by Elisetta (Elisa Fabris)
Music by Vittorio Demarin