Global Campus of Human Rights

illustration & animation
for Global Campus of Human Rights by Turboscart

For many years the Global Campus of Human Rights, the most extensive human rights education network in the world consisting of about 100 leading universities, have engaged in Arts and Human Rights activities at local and international levels. Arts and Human Rights are closely related and need each other. Art can only flourish in an atmosphere of freedom from fear, violence and repression. As a global community, we need to stand up and defend human rights, democracy and the artistic expressions worldwide. With its universal language which attracts and empowers human beings more than any other means of communication, Art is the most powerful and joyful medium to promote the universal values of human rights. This is the focus of the cooperation with many other institutions through a series of Artistic Events which have been developed and also planned for the near future like the Human Rights Pavilion, Cosmocafes, Art Exhibitions, Concerts, Film Screenings and Festivals, Theatre Performances, Visual Contests, Photo Exhibitions, Drawings-Illustrations and much more.


Voice-over by Blackberry Studio